Auckland tradie offers 12% gender pay gap discount to female customers

Breakfast 31/08/2017

Auckland electrician and prolific tweeter, Brad Kul has put up a tweet offering a 12% discount to female customers because guess what guys, the gender pay gap is real.

And no, the gender pay gap isn't that sweet little triangle between a fit girl's thighs... SMH.  

Recent government figures show Kiwi women are paid 12% less than men even if their productivity is the same.

In the last 20 years the pay gap has moved down just 4%. I'm all for celebrating the little wins... but gummon New Zealand, that's pathetic. 

Research released earlier this month from Motu Economics and Public Policy concluded that the pay gap ultimately came down to sexism. 

Whatever happened to that progressive, forward thinking New Zealand that was the first in the world to give women the vote?

Anyway, Kul's tweet went bloody viral. The Herald did a story on it. Stuff did a story on it. Tradies got mad. Shit got a bit out of control.

Brad Kul. Image source: Facebook

Clint asked Brad to come into George Breakfast and talk about it on air, but Kul declined the offer as even he thinks the reaction to his tweet is way ott. 

I respect that he thinks enough is enough. Kul wasn't looking to talk to butthurt, closet mysogynists about his ability to write an invoice, or the loop holes in his offer - just get the middy to organise all the trade work? - or to recieve accusations that he's just looking for new customers. 

You're missing the point team. It's about highlighting the PAY GAP and trying to make changes, so we can live in a country where men and women are treated equally.

Is that really too much to ask for? 

One dude even text into Breakfast saying: "Well, I guess I'm a woman now," to wish Clint responded (along the lines of): "Well, in that case mate, hope you're asking for a 12% decrease to your wage."  

The fact of the matter is our gender pay gap is appalling. Knobjocks, stop making excuses. 

Big ups Brad Kul for starting a wider conversation. 

Roisin Kelly
(Ro the web girl)