Scribe has released a statement that addresses the police's FB post and calls out the media

Scribe 16/08/2017

Here at George we're huge fans of Scribe. We were gutted to hear the Canterbury Police had announced a man hunt for him this morning. 

Scribe has since released a statement on his personal FB. His friend and our George FM Drive host, Dan Aux wanted to get the word out, so he shared Scribe's words on air. 

Where am I gonna hide? I'm Scribe.


"There are valid reasons I missed my court date.
Do I manufacture drugs? No.
Do I sell drugs? No.
Do I promote drug use? Never.
Are there more dangerous criminals who deserve this attention? Yes.
Have I made mistakes? Most certainly.
See it for what it is, a distraction from whats really happening. I can take the consequences of my actions but I'm also a father and how this will affect my children is all I care about. 
The media in this country are not journalists. No offense to the police, but, do you need assistance finding me? Where am I gonna hide? I'm Scribe." 

We're stoked to hear your side of the story mate, what a well worded statement. We hope you get back on track soon. 

Sending big love out to you and your family Scribe. 

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