Foodstuffs pulled our new favourite beer

Beer 27/09/2017

Foodstuffs have pulled our new favourite beer but don't worry guys, new stockists are coming!  

Yesterday, NZ Herald published an article announcing that Johnny Danger's hugely successful Danger Lager had been pulled from Foodstuffs shelves. 

Figuratively, not literally, seen as the first batch sold out in five hours. However, Foodstuffs have announced they will not be stocking the beer anymore.

The NZ Herald article was accompanied by a video that local social worker Robert Sarich had posted to his social media, expressing outrage over the lines outside of the Manukau PakN'Save before the store opened on 21st of September - the big launch day for Dangers Lager.

"What I noticed this morning was a huge line and that line was there to buy Johnny Danger's beer," he said. "I'm not opposed to people buying beer, what I'm opposed to is people buying beer with their kids in their trolley, stacked to the max with beer."

Sarich condemned Johnny's fans for prioritising booze over food - making heavy heavy reference to New Zealand poverty.

"I want him (Johnny Danger) to think about the social responsibility he has."

What neither NZ Herald or Sarich have taken into account is:

1. Johnny Danger did take his social responsibility seriously, making mention of "responsible drinking" and "looking out for eachother" in three seperate snaps on his account on the 21st of September, and plenty snaps in the same vein prior to launch day. 

And 2.  Dangers Lager was a boutique beer that was only stocked in ten different locations across the country.  Two of which were in Auckland, (which is where a huge portion of his fans are based); one in Manukau, one in Whangaparoa.

So, wouldn't matter if you lived in Papakura or Ponsonby, Manukau was the only destination for Johnny's fans to get their mits on the beer.

Point being, we all know Auckland has enormously varied socioeconomics. 

And while house prices and living wages may discriminate against certain groups of people, you can find a Johnny Danger fan in pretty much every earning bracket in this country. So, kinda feels like Sarich and the Herald are getting the wrong end of the stick here...

With a new show on MTV about the beer and over half a million fans across Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, Johnny has launched a hugely succesful marketing campaign for Dangers Lager.

His fans knew the beer had the potential to sell real mo'fucking quick, so it's no wonder they stocked up.  

But what's real strange is Foodstuffs' statement following Sarich's video getting some social media traction: 

"It is apparent that the people involved did not appreciate the nature or extent of this individual's social media content,"

"Foodstuffs does not condone the behaviour consistently exhibited by this individual through social media channels, and withdrew the product from sale."

So, they didn't know who Johnny Danger was before they stocked his beer? They rung him congratulating him for breaking their sales record on the 21st of September but didn't know anything about him?

Johnny told George FM; "I don't know whats on special in the seafood department but something fishy is going on here." 
"A lot of dodgy shit goes on in the beer industry,"  

We're calling it. Beerspiracy.

Maybe the real story here is that the big' beer companies got upset about an underdog boutique brewer slaying sales records?   

I mean let's be honest, he sold his beer out in five hours upon launch. Launches make people excited.

Shit, look at the iPhone 8 ordeal earlier this month. People were cueing out Apple doors worldwide on the 22nd of September, signing up for phone plans that a huge portion of those people probably couldn't really afford. Not to mention, people aren't going to go out and buy an iPhone every day. 

It's a bit of a stretch to suggest that if Dangers Lager was stocked in PakNSave everyday, people would be buying 30 boxs of it on the daily...

Whatever the story is, nobody can hold Dangers Lager back. 

Today, his entire Snapchat story showed him inside the brewery helping box the beers, even putting his number inside one of the boxs (marketing genius).

The new stockists for the second batch will be announced on Johnny's social media tonight.

Ye fark ye. 

Roisin Kelly
(Ro the web girl)