The texts we didn’t read from our interview with Jacinda Ardern

Breakfast 20/09/2017

DJ Major-Labour herself was in the studio with us this morning, and while she did decline our humble request to do the hot set, she did give us her opinion on many of our totally important political questions. We asked her what Winston Peters is really like, what flag she voted for and her opinion on Max Key’s music.

You can watch the full interview above.

However what you may have missed was all of the insightful questions from listeners.

The hardest hitting of these was of course:

 Yeah Yeah durries, Yeah Yeah

Is she able to express breast milk at work?

There wasn’t enough time to address all the other fucking ridiculous and super relevant texts that didn’t get read out, so we've put together all of the ‘highlights’ below:

They started pretty tame

Jacinda's choice of tea was then questioned

Durries yeah yeah? 

The hot set was obviously on everyone's mind

Im almost proud of how oblivious this person was


Pretty tough decision 

The notorious text that was brought up in the interview