What George listeners really think about vegetarians

Breakfast 06/09/2017

Clint’s wife has gone Vego and Clint’s along for the ride and on the Breakfast show this morning, Kara’s announced she’s probably going to go veggie too after reading an article from Tesla.

The animals already have used their energy so you’re not getting any energy from the meat

How hard is it going to be, will she miss steak?

Kara’s all for it, Clint’s unsure, and Tammy is pretty much 100% against it.

And of course everyone’s got an opinion:

Heaps of people were on Kara’s side,

I went vegan about 4 weeks ago and I've never felt better... I can’t ignore the effects of farming on the climate… 

But we can’t miss this fucking classic text:

Most ladies love the taste of a good bit of meat in their mouth gummmon

Check out some of the more colourful texts that came through below:


"Pussy FM."