Dan Bilzerian is touristing it up in New Zealand

News 19/10/2017

The All American Instagram star, Dan Bilzerian is in New Zealand and looks to be having a good time despite the lack of his two favourite things; women and guns.

He's been posting to his Instagram anything from shots of noodles on Waiheke to luging in Queenstown.

His experience in the Vegas shooting could attribute to his eagerness to travel somewhere arms free.

But what about the women? Maybe he really has settled down? Or perhaps he's waiting for some Kiwi women to enquire within?

Judging by our reality tv content as of late, there's no shortage of young, hot Kiwi women thirsty for their 15 minutes of fame, a boost of followers on their Instagrams and some PR freebies and event invites... A Dan Bilzerian Instagram cameo could be just the ticket.  

Just putting it out there...