Metre-long post-it penis penetrating Auckland bus shelter

penis 11/12/2017

Auckland Transport was not aware of the post-it penis when Newshub called. Photo credit: Reddit/theraginchicken

Leaving a penis in the wild is a time-honoured prank, and the latest victim appears to be the Auckland commuter.

A remarkably detailed specimen has appeared on a bus shelter in the city. In a photo uploaded to social media site Reddit, about 70 of the sticky squares can be seen arranged into an approximately metre-long penis and testicles.

A lone young man can be seen sitting directly in front of the phallic form, listening to music and seemingly unaware of - or unphased by - the giant genitalia.

Newshub believes the bus shelter with the post-it penis is located next to Victoria Park, west of the CBD.

Auckland Transport was unaware of the crude creation when Newshub called.

It's not known exactly when the penis appeared. Newshub has contacted the person who uploaded the photo to verify when and where it was taken.