Are you smarter than Trump? Take the mental test the old ball bag just aced

News 18/01/2018

If you can remember a list of five words for five minutes, or if you can recognise a rhinoceros, you may have similar cognitive ability to the current president of the United States. 

Dr Ronny Jackson, Donald Trump's physician, held a White House press briefing on Tuesday (local time) in which he revealed the president had answered all 30 questions of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) correctly.

The 10-minute test consists of a variety of simple questions to assess memory, concentration, attention and visual skills. A candidate who scores above 26 is considered to have 'normal' cognitive functions, while a score of 25 or lower indicates something concerning.

The test's challenges include drawing a cube, naming three animals and recognising the letter 'A'.

The MoCA is designed to detect the symptoms of dementia, which often accompanies neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's.

Mr Trump is the first US president to undergo a cognitive test after he specifically requested one during his annual physical check-up.

The former real estate tycoon's mental faculties have been called into question by Democrats, journalists and even mental health professions, who have cited his erratic behaviour, limited vocabulary and his flexible relationship with the truth as evidence of early onset dementia.

In November 2017, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough claimed sources close to Mr Trump had confirmed the diagnosis, while Democratic senators have made moves toward attempting to remove him from office for mental instability. 

The president responded to such accusations in his signature way - tweeting.

Mr Trump's perfect score on the MoCA indicates he does not have dementia symptoms strong enough for the test to pick up.

However, as a doctor pointed out during Tuesday's press conference, the test is not a guarantee of perfect cognitive health as it is unable to detect dementia in its earliest stages, when it often presents itself as personality changes or mood swings.

Source: Newshub.