Coachella blocks festy goers sparking up spliffs despite it being totally legal

News 11/01/2018

Coachella is banning weed despite it being totally legal in California... Yeah sure, let us know how that one turns out will ya...

As of the 1st Jan, the sale of recreational marijuana became legal in the state of Cali, saying peace out to the days of having to lie outta your ass to score yourself the golden Medical Marijuana Card.

As to be expected, the new law comes with a shit tonne T&C's... One of them being towns/countries having the right to shut down the public use and licensing of dispensaries.

Indio, whose only claim to fame is being the home of Coachella, being one of those towns blocking the use of the good stuff.

Even though based on private grounds, Coachella have decided to take the more conservative route and continue the towns ban of weed.