DJ Dax J remixed Muslim Prayer song, now faces jail time

jail 11/04/2017

British DJ Dax J is facing up to a year in jail after making a dance remix of the Muslim’s call to prayer and playing it at Orbit, a music festival in the African country Tunisia. Note, this is a Muslim state.

As the British would say, what a fucking bellend.

DJ Dax’s Muslim Prayer remix was documented on social media and initiated widespread outrage and offense.

Dax you absolute goober.

If you’re not sure what the call of prayer is, it’s a ritual Muslim’s perform FIVE TIMES A DAY. So it’s a big ass deal.

Dax has already fled the country, so chances are he’ll dodge the sentencing. However, the club he played in has been shut down.

And Dax has since issued a formal apology. 

"Sincere apologies to anyone who may have been offended by music that I played at Orbit Festival in Tunisia on Friday".

"It was never my intention to upset or cause offence to anybody," he said.

Well. You fucked that well up didn't ya mate? 
Remember guys… Always clear your samples.