Jaffa Lumps are a thing and now we've got mad munchies

yum 15/06/2017

Two of our nations most iconic and beloved candies have merged together to make something truly beautiful.

This isn't that super blazed moment when you think spreading nutella on your pepperoni pizza is the best idea ever.  

No, no, no.

If any food collab could be considered an artform, we think this is it. 

In fact, we've got munchies right now and we haven't even smoked anything. 

The Jaffa has met the Pineapple Lump, they've fallen in sweet, sweet love and they've made a beautiful mutant Pascall baby together...

You know, like Salt and Pepper and their baby Paprika in Blue's Clues?

Yeah, no? Anybody?

On a side note, isn't it buzzy how one is chocolate coated candy... and the other is candy coated chocolate? 

Just some higher thoughts for you... Reckon Jaden Smith would be proud?

Yes. This could well be the best news New Zealand stoners have received since... well, since this morning when Kara told us all about the weed pills women are buying to get their vaginas blazed af

Jaffas and Pineapple Lumps. Together. At last. The flavour combination we had no idea we needed and now we're straight frothing. We've got jaffalump brain. Can't think of anything else until we get them inside our mouths.  

On that note, George Breakfast will be trying them tomorrow morning... Tune into George from 6am. Taste testing will be going down around 7.20.