You could be flying Auckland to L.A in only 5 hours on the new Concorde

Pics 29/06/2016
The Concorde was the absolute height of flying when it flew in the latter half of the 20th century. A ticket price that was most definitely out of reach for many and travel speeds that seemed unbelievable at the time made it a god among airplanes.
It's demise came when a crash in 2000 that killed all occupants, and plus economical failure due to tickets being too expensive for many to afford ($20,000USD).
Denver-based startup Boom is looking to bring back the Concorde, but this time with a ticket clip that will only set you back the price of what you'd pay for a business class trip on most airlines.
It has been estimated that the Mach 2.2 (the original Concorde was only 2.0) airplane will be able to travel from New York to London in 3.4 hours, that's almost half the current time.
Flying from Los Angeles to Sydney will only take 6 hours, compared to the regular 15. If you calculate it from the above estimates that would make it only 5 hours from Auckland to L.A
25 of the planes have currently been pre-ordered around the world with the first plane scheduled to take flight in late 2017.