Pokémon Go fanaticism reaches new heights with super strength pikachu shaped ecstasy

Pics 18/07/2016
Pokémon Go has taken over our social media as of late. Almost every news story and post has had something to do with the new mobile game.
In the wake of all the fanaticism, even drug dealers have jumped on the band wagon.
As first reported by the Sunday People, drug dealers have started manufacturing super-strength ecstasy pills in the shape of Pokémon. These pills are then combined with 2C-B, a formerly legal ecstasy alternative, and then smuggled on dark net drug markets. So far, the markets have only been accessed from the UK (according to reports), but these sales are almost guaranteed to go international, as they are available for a 50-dose for £50 deal. 
A gang source reportedly ­revealed: “There are hundreds of thousands of these pills being pressed in Holland and Germany and shipped here. Chances of them being intercepted­ are pretty slim. Sell them for a fiver a go and you make a wedge. There’s massive demand. Pills are back in a big way.”