Check out what EDM hits Michael Phelps chucks on to prep for his races

Pics 16/08/2016
Michael Phelps recently took out his 28th medal in his super impressive Olympic swimming career.
In the wake of this impressive accomplishment we have been asking ourselves, what does he do to prep for his races? Does he listen to some dank tunes to get him pumped?
Turns out yes...yes he does.
The answer would be Skrillex, Nero and Steve Aoki.
“The music that I’ve been listening to this time around…I’ve got some old school hits,” Michael says. “I’ve been going out to some old school Eminem when I get to the pool, and then I change it up to…what is it, is it Nero? Is that “Promises”? Yeah, Nero and Skrillex, EDM. Got some old school Aoki in the mix from 2008.”