ROAD TRIP to Bush Doof ft. Koven & Kadington

Pics 30/03/2017

With international DNB heavywieghts Koven and NZ's very own Kadington headlining, the second Waihi Bush Doof went off last week. 

Bought to you by Audiology, V Energy and Too Cut Entertainment, the doof bought a hectic music experience to the lucky punters who scored themselve one of the limited tickets.  

Check out all the photos below.

And if you're feeling a little FOMO cause you missed out, or you made it and you can't wait for more Too Cut goodness, the Too Cut boys have a huge Blow-Out coming up next weekend at Static bar in Hamilton.

With Aroha, Benny Boy and Hamish Crocker on the decks and the Too Cut DJ's Tyler TooCut, Jake Rattler and Harlan Jones in support.. indulge yourself, hit the Blow-Out next Saturday and have a huuuuuge night in the notorious Tron.  All details here.