Tammy's V-day gift to his missus is a motorbike, cheeky bastard tries to claim it as a joint present

George FM Breakfast 13/02/2018

Valentines Day is just around the corner, which Tammy boy legit found out about 20 minutes ago... Why are we not surprised.

T's 'thrill seeking' missus has apparently been harasing him for months and months about wanting the perfect V-Day gift, a motorbike. Hmm, why does that sound like a complete crock of shit.

In pursuit of trying to convince us that this isn't just some selfish ploy to score himself a new ride, Tammy gave us a full run down - take a listen!

As we ain't buying, we also took some listener suggestions of what he should buy her instead... you would think we would have learnt our lesson by now: