There's now underwear you don't have to wash for weeks and Tammy is stoked

Breakfast 15/05/2018

A Danish clothing company has come up with the perfect solution for anyone too lazy to wash their underpants. Eg. Tammy Davis.

Organic Basics has invented underwear that doesn't have to be washed for weeks on end - and it's made from recycled waste. 

The clothing includes underwear, socks and T-shirts that are made of recycled materials.

Silvertech fabric made from recycled electronic, industrial and photographic waste kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and fungi build up as well as controlling odor, the company claims.

"Our Polygiene treated underwear naturally rids itself of odor-causing bacteria and fungi - making them stay fresh for weeks," the company says.

Tammy thinks it's a great solution, but understandably Stu and Kara were pretty sceptical.

They'll just feel like num num num num.

Whatever that means, Tam.