A guy with no penis is now in trouble after tricking girls into having sex with an 'unknown object'

Breakfast 26/07/2018

A penis-less man by the name of Carlos Delacruz, has now been listed on the sexual offenders register after he 'tricked' two women into having 'sex' with him while the lights were off.

Unbeknown to both females, they were actually having sex with an unknown object, not with his penis. Both females complained of extreme pain during the sex, and recieved thrush afterward.

Delacruz refused to let either of them see him naked in the event they would find out he had no penis. Both were left shocked when they finally found out.

Crazy, right?

We don't know why he has no penis or what object he exactly used but we've got a few guesses. 

Here's a message from Kara though,

PSA: If you've got a micropenis, no penis, or small penis, just tell the lady in your life. If she's a bitch, you don't need her in your life anyway - if she loves ya, she'll buy the dildo of her dreams.