So, we accidentally started a rumour that Snoop Dogg was coming to Rhythm and Vines

festival 21/08/2018

The Internet went nuts yesterday after we were sent a screenshot of an Instagram post from none other than Snoop Dogg, showing he was amidst a call with someone from New Zealand. Area code and all with the full number on display. No caption, no explanation. SUSPICIOUS... The post was then deleted.

We shared this on our own pages, trying to scramble what it could've meant.

With impending festival lineups yet to drop, and a connection to a Kiwi marajuana conneisseur Snoop Doog's connections to NZ are definitely there.

After fuelling the rumours that Snoop Dogg could be coming to this year's Rhythm and Vines on air, the post gained more and more traction and the number was called an insane amount of times (hence why we've now blurred it). 

We then had to take down the post ourselves as it turns out the number displayed in the screenshot belonged to an unsuspecting 18 year old girl, Mickey Serong, here in NZ.

Her phone blew up so much she actually had to turn it onto airplane mode from the thousands of incoming texts and phonecalls.

Not all were just harmless people trying to find out who was on the other end, she even recieved some threats,

I had a couple of people threatening me, saying 'I'm going to find you, I'm going to make you give me Snoop Dogg's number'.

Although her number now has been removed from most social media, Serong will change her number to avoid any future bothers.

There are still no answers as to why her number was posted but shit, we just wanted to know if he was coming down under this summer?