Mashd N Kutcher Interview
Mashd N Kutcher Interview
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George Breakfast

Mashd N Kutcher’s Dave Dobbyn x Savage mash-up from George Breakfast to be officially released

Another one he masterfully mixed on 'Will it Mash?' is out TODAY!!!

One of the filthiest mash-ups of Kiwi classic tunes to ever grace our airwaves is getting an official release.

Earlier this year, Aussie DJ Mashd N Kutcher rocked up to George Breakfast, hopped behind the decks and mixed three songs synonymous with Kiwi culture. Dave Dobbyn’s ‘Slice of Heaven’, Savage’s ‘Swing’, and Shapeshifter’s ‘Electric Dream’. The result was pure filthy bahhh. 

Now, the mix is getting an official release and George Breakfast talked to Mashd about how that happened. His ‘Will it Mash?’ series has taken off in this part of the world, and he’s been loving the busy schedule. 

“The last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind to say the least,” he said. “We were pleasantly surprised that most of the artists that sang or wrote these records have all reached out. We’ve interacted with them all online and everyone’s pretty pumped to actually get these songs out, which is pretty cool.”

The Kiwiana edition of ‘Will It Mash?’ is getting an official drop because Savage himself put the wheels in motion. 

“One of the first ones to reach out was Savage. He hit me up in the DMs and he said ‘I’ve been wanting to do this Dave Dobbyn tune for a while’. I was like ‘Say less, let’s do it’. So, I’m gonna try to link up with him.”

“It’s very exciting. I think it’s super cool that we sat there in the studio and we messed around with some ideas and something’s actually come of it.”

Another of Mashd’s mixes he whipped out on George Breakfast came out today: his mashup of a Daniel Bedingfield tune into a DnB thumper. 

“The first record which is actually going to get released - which is insane - is the Daniel Bedingfield record ‘Gotta Get Through This.”

“The record’s out today. Very, very excited to announce that here first and we can celebrate together - between us and you guys at George.”

Make sure to give the new tune a listen right friggin now! And we’ll let you know when the Kiwiana mash drops. Yewwww.