LISTEN: Becky Hill raves about 'beautiful' NZ, reckons George FM is the 'coolest radio station'
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George Breakfast

LISTEN: Becky Hill raves about 'beautiful' NZ, reckons George FM is the 'coolest radio station'

I'd say this warrants a humble brag.

Not to toot our own horn, but two weeks ago, Becky Hill tweeted that she loved listening to George FM while she was in NZ. 

We didn’t manage to get her on before she left the country (bugger), but yesterday she did hop on a call with Lee and Tammy from George Breakfast. It was a cracking chat and a massive ego booster for us. 

“I had about ten days off in New Zealand - a nice little holiday - but everywhere we drove we listened to George FM,” she said. “And I have to say, I think you guys are the coolest radio station I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to.”

“Thank you so much for being the soundtrack and thank you for having me on. I feel super cool. Your radio station is so cool, you play such good music, so thank you.”

Listen to Lee and Tammy's full chat with Becky Hill below, it's a great yarn: 

Once Tammy explained we’re only 'cool' because we get to play tunes by incredible artists like Becky, she talked us through her spontaneous trip to one of Aotearoa’s most scenic spots. 

“We were staying just below the Remarkables. I kept calling them the ‘Alright-ables’, the ‘not-so-bad-ables’,” she joked. “It was mad seeing these massive mountains with no snow on them.”

“I loved it. We just happened to drive up there ‘cause we needed to get some content. So I was like ‘Why don’t we try up there?’.”

“It was beautiful. It was amazing. I’ve never seen scenery like it. We were swimming in the lakes every day - we just had the best time, it was so beautiful. So thank you for having me in your gorgeous country.”

During the chat, Becky also talked about her new track ‘Never Be Alone’ and how it reflects the current state of EDM. 

“I love the fact that dance music has gone a bit faster,” she said. “Now it's speeding up and it's the reverse bass and I’m a sucker for reverse bass. It really takes me back to my happy hardcore days."

“I actually love dance music. I feel like my heart beats at 170bpm.”

During the chat, Becky also shared the tunes that influenced her, her first-ever concert experience, and a whole lot more. 

Massive cheers to Becky for coming on the show and giving us enough compliments to keep our chin up until the end of time.