George Mahi Mix with Dan Aux


George ledge Dan Aux brings musicology & mixology to your workday. Get on the virtual dancefloor wherever you’re working - from the site to the office to the courier van, Brought to you by Gull, fuelling your mission, all year round

“I’ll keep the bangers cranking while you work, jumping in the mix throughout the day! You do the mahi, I’ll do the beats,” says Dan.

Listen out for your chance to get on air with Request Roulette, Dan popping up in the mix all day including the banging Midday Mix. And tradies of Aotearoa - you take over the radio every day 1-2pm with your requests.

Catch The George Mahi Mix with Dan Aux - Monday to Thursday 10am-3pm, Fridays 10am-2pm.

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