LISTEN AGAIN: The Reminisce Mix

Listen Again 29/03/2021

When you reminisce on the tunes most important to you, what comes to mind? And why?

This is the Reminisce Mix - where Sin takes stories and songs from listeners to create something special.

"This song reminds me of my first ever rave, i remember being up on someones shoulders while it was playing and seeing the CO2 cannons go off when the beat drops was so sick" - Jess, Quix - Supernatural

" I was absolutely transcended to another world when they played this song, and everyone around me was just loving the lights and felt so at peace just before we went all crazy in level 4" - Brayden, Delta Heavy - White Flag

"The energy in the crowd was unparalleled, and the euphoria was crazy, it was really the moment i fell in love with drum and bass" - Cam, Wilkinson - Hypnotic 

"My first proper kickons in sydney, after days like this festival in 2016, we partied all night and sat outside watching the sun rise with this song on. You can't beat that feeling. Lovely mates, lovely tune, lovely memories" - Carlos, RUFUS DU SOL - Innerbloom

"The first track I ever heard with a massive female voice on, from that day forward I knew that one day I would be on a track like that and I have listened to this song every day since." - Briar, Nneka - Heartbeat (Chase & Status Remix)

"Reminds me of the first time i was exposed to drum and bass, a couple years ago when i saw Shapeshifter live, and every time i listen to it, it just brings back this pure happiness that courses through my body" - Mikayla, Shapeshifter - Gravity

"I heard Sin play it over summer - in a church of all places - and it's become an iconic, fond memory for me" - Sam, Mighty Mouse - The Spirit

"It reminds me of the good old days when I used to jump around the house gaming - this tune's an absolute BANGER" - Daniel, Basshunter - Now You're Gone

"I've got a vivid memory of listening to Rusko, Pro Nails blasting this heading to parties to and fro in Hamilton. Hoo bloody roo let's get into it." - Brook, Rusko - Pro Nails

"I got pulled up because my bass was legit too loud, and a year down the track, im sitting next to the partner working as a police officer to this day" - Dee, Keys N Krates - Dum Dee Dum

"Back in highschool when we were allowed to bring iPods to school, i downloaded heaps of songs and came across that one, that's when i got into trap and all that good shit" - Jorja, Modestep - Sunlight

"Blind Faith was the first song i heard by Chase & Status, ended up vibing it and having the best time watching it live at Northern Bass years ago" - Corbin, Chase & Status - Blind Faith

"It reminds me of going down to Ohakune and staying in a house with all my mates, shredding all day & partying all night" - Georgina, Michael Gray - House Every Weekend

"It just takes me right back to being 19, a bit dumb, definitely broke at uni, but still having the best time of my life with my friends" - Briar, Netsky - We Can Only Live Today

"I went to go see Palms Trax, one of my favourite DJ's with a best mate of mine, and we stayed there the whole night it was like a 6 hour set, and at the end he dropped Man With The Red Face and it just went off, it was unreal" - Charlie, Laurent Garnier - The Man With The Red Face