K Motionz plays Does It Double
Does It Double just went next level with K Motionz giving it an almighty nudge!
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George Drive

K Motionz plays Does It Double and crushes the f**k outta it

Does It Double goes next level!

You could say K Motionz could hack it....

Rude puns aside, we were treated by DNB royalty and one of UK's finest, K Motionz, who stopped by the George studio ahead of his Studio gig to have a chat with Sin & Brook and also have a crack at playing Does It Double.

They spun the wheel to find out which two songs he'd try to double with, and he landed on Metrik - Cadence VIP and Evolution - Myselor. And the lad was confident from the get go, muttering "this will work" before he even had a practice go.

"This is going to be the best Does It Double" - and ya know what, he may not be wrong.

Check it out in the video up top, and here are the two tunes below if you wanted to listen to them in full.

Who else should we get in to play Does It Double? Let us know!