Ekko & Sidetrack play Ship Came Into Harbour with Sin and Brook
Have a watch and see who won.
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George Drive

Sin & Brook play 'A Ship Came Into The Harbour' with Ekko & Sidetrack

Check out to see who won (but mainly lost).

Jeff and Jonathan Hansen aka Ekko & Sidetrack popped in to say gidday to Sin & Brook ahead of their Friday night show with K Motionz, and squeezed in a quick round of everyone's favourite drinking game, A Ship Came Into The Harbour.

That's the game where you're given a category (e.g. shoe brands), then you go around the table saying a name each (e.g. Nike). If you repeat something, or you take too long - you're out.

Each of them was representing a listener, and the winner would get tickets to the K Motionz and Ekko & Sidetrack gig. Pretty decent prize on the line!

First up was an easy topic, UK DNB DJs - but turns out the game is a lot harder when you're put on the spot. Then came native Australian animals (niche, but ok) followed by social media platforms.

Check out to see who won!