George | Does it Double ft. Lee Mvtthews
George | Does it Double ft. Lee Mvtthews
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George Drive

Lee Mvtthews pulls off the most outrageous 'Does It Double' yet.

Two words.... all gas.

Let's get straight to the point, before even knowing the two tunes spun up on the wheel, you already know Lee Mvtthews are going to smash it. 

So to make things a bit more interesting, Sin and Brook gave the boys an extra challenge of spinning up a third song and treat us to a double, double.

Graham and Tom came in hot with a 'yeah nah, this will be easy as' as they spun up the first tune 'Laser Beam' by Cyntax.

The boys went on to spin up the final two tunes, 'Deep Blue' by Kanine and 'We Are The Energy' by Metrik.

And of course, the boys smashed both doubles, making it one of the most outrageous we've seen yet.

"All gas, no 'not tonight brothers' here".

Cyntax jumped in the comments on Insta too writing ' Probably my favourite reaction to one of my tunes ever'.

Watch the full vid above.