FULL PODCAST: Fatboy Slim talks Brighton Beach, touring NZ, Fatgirl Slim and his future
George Drive
George Drive

FULL PODCAST: Fatboy Slim talks Brighton Beach, touring NZ, Fatgirl Slim and his future

Fatboy Slim joines George Drive to talk life, music and everything in between.
17 February 2023 6:04PM

Dance music icon Fatboy Slim joins George Drive during his New Zealand tour for a full 20 minute chat.

We fucking DID it!!!!! Joined in studio by our greatest idol & member of our Big Seven (7 ultimate artists we want on the show some day).

So grateful to have spent this time with Norm to talk life & music. There is so much to learn from the Fatboy Slim story, one that continues to blossom 27 years later. - Sin

One of the highlights of the chat was hearing Fatboy Slim's take on the famous Brighton Beach Boutique show from 2002 - and whether the rumours were true about police trying to shut it down and if he was banned from playing on the beach.

'Is it true that you were banned from playing on the beach for about six years?' Sin asked.

'Ish,' he replied. 'What they said, was that was very, very nearly a huge disaster. You can't do it like that again. It took that 20 year gap for me to be able to sort of look back on it critically and go 'what really, A: what happened? B: what was the importance of that happening and how do we all feel about it now?'

After Sin recalled attending the 20th anniversary show last year and getting goosebumps, Fatboy Slim said 'Imagine how I felt. I'd been waiting to be allowed back on that beach. I mean, I cried like a baby at the end of it!'

Listen to the full chat below.


(1:30) -  Spark Arena show
(4:05) - Norm's life in 98
(7:12) - Brighton Beach Boutique
(10:15) - Banned from Brighton Beach?
(11:26) - Brighton Walk of Fame / Mural
(12:20) - Norm being a politician in Brighton
(12:44) - The Big Beach Cafe
(14:37) - Fatgirl Slim
(17:16) - What does Fatboy do after the show?
(20:49) - The future of Fatboy Slim