Hedex takes Brook to the Chop Shop
Brook learns the Sunset Triple from Hedex
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George Drive

WATCH: Hedex coaches Brook through his signature Sunset Triple Drop

'I'm so gassed' ⛽
6 April 2023 3:42PM

UK drum and bass donny Hedex was in the building ahead of Touch Bass and dropped a filthy mix as well as some pointers for Brook on George Drive.

Hedex walked Brook through the 'Sunset Triple' - a signature chop between three tracks, this one consisting of Hedex's 'Sunset VIP', Serum's 'Freak Like Me' and Disrupta's 'Come In' - before getting him to have a crack.

After about five minutes of practice and a full fledged example from Hedex, Brook stepped up to the plate and boy did he do us proud.

Check it out up top as they both absolutely let it rip! You know Does It Double, maybe it's time for Does It Chop or Does It Triple?