Brook teaches Sin how to drive a Manual, and it’s absolute chaos
George Drive
George Drive

Brook teaches Sin how to drive a Manual, and it’s absolute chaos

Brand new clutch, already needs replacing.

In Sin’s 12 years of driving, she’d never even attempted to drive a manual car. Brook decided today was the day, and like most things they do, Sin went in blind. 

Taking Brook’s pride and joy, Big Red, to Ace Motorsport down at Mt Smart Stadium for a spin on the track, Sin quickly had to get a handle on a brand new skill. 

After covering the basics, Brook laid out three unofficial tests for Sin to complete to prove her skills and allow her to say that she can drive a manual. 

Test 1: Water Test

As Brook takes a swig of H20 from his water bottle, Sin must accelerate smoothly enough so that he doesn’t spill it. No prizes for guessing what happens here. 

Test 2: Music Test

You know when you’re dropping your mates off in town and the music's loud as f***? Brook sets the scene for this, and Sin can’t let it distract her. Extra points for take-off on the drop.

Test 3: Egg Test

Just as Papa Gibson taught Brook, Sin must complete a hill start without cracking a couple of delicately placed eggs behind the back wheel. 

Three from three is the goal, watch below to see how she went! 

Sin took a leaf out of Brooks' book with this ‘attempting’ chat, just like Brook’s attempt to beat the world record for speed skating. 

Honestly, a pretty impressive start for someone who didn’t even know where or what a clutch is. You go Sinny girl!