Guess Who: DNB DJ Edition
George Drive and Ekko & Sidetrack play an unhinged game of Guess Who.
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George Drive

Ekko & Sidetrack play Guess Who: DNB Edition with Sin & Brook

One word: unhinged.
25 July 2023 6:35PM

What happens when you put four adults in a room and get them to play a children's game with a drum and bass twist. You get whatever the f**k this is.

This is the first instalment of George Drive's Guess Who: DNB DJ edition with Sin and Brook.

With 24 potential DJs on the board, Sin teams up with Jono from Ekko & Sidetrack, while Brook is paired with Jeff, in the ultimate battle of wit and accurate guessing as they ask each other questions to shorten up their options and eventually (hopefully) guess who the opposite team has picked.

Absolute pack of brain surgeons deciphering this one.

Check out the video up top and watch the chaos unfold as the duos go head to head - brother against brother and weirdly close friend against weirdly close friend.