Nude Painting
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George Drive

WATCH: Sin & Brook do a life painting of a naked ass Mozey

Yeah, you read that right.

Take a guess at whose idea this was? You’d be surprised by the answer.

Mozey, aka Dad, got his kit off for Sin and Brook. This iconic trio, along with a bowl of fruit and an $8 paint kit from Kmart made for a revved up nude painting session. 

Mozey’s built a reputation as the dad of the drum and bass scene, so Sin and Brook prepared a few questions to test out his true ‘dad’ level.

Question One: You’ve just chucked a whole bunch of sh*t on the back of a trailer, slapped it down, what's the first thing you say? 

Mozey’s answer: That’ll do her.

Dad scale: 8/10

Question Two: You’ve left a room full of people, but you’ve forgotten your keys… what do you say as you walk back into the room? 

Answer: I’d forget my head if it weren’t screwed on.

Dad Scale: 9.5/10

Watch the video above to see the final paintings. A couple words to describe Brook’s: Undercooked Sausage. And Sin’s: Potato Body. 

Taking suggestions as to what we should do next time Mozey pays us a visit. 


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