Does it Double B2B
DNB 2 Hundy Edition
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George Drive

WATCH: Sin & Brook go B2B in a special edition of Does it Double and it's one for the books

8 minutes straight of all gas, no brakes
2 November 2023 12:50PM

In this special edition of Does it Double, Sin & Brook from George Drive decided to go b2b with five different tunes that featured in the DNB 2 Hundy Countdown. Watch the full session above!

After an absolute thrashing, the Does it Double wheel spun up some bangers. Find the tracks listed below:

  • ‘Sundown’ Kanine

  • ‘Right Here, Right Now’ Fatboy Slim (Friction and Killer Hertz Remix) 

  • ‘Timewarp’ Sub Focus (VIP) 

  • ‘If We Ever’ High Contrast (Unglued Remix) 

They chose the first track to start off with and gave it the recognition it deserved, ‘Sientelo’ by Mefjus which got absolutely robbed in the DNB 2 Hundy Countdown. Last year, it came in at number 13, and this year it featured at number 200. #justiceforsientelo   

All gas, after all gas, after all gas. 5 doubles in a row that Sin & Brooke absolutely destroyed, behave guys!!! Does it double double done and done. 

Watch the full 8 minute session at the top. 

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