LISTEN AGAIN: HELL YEAH! The Mix Series | George Drive
George Drive
George Drive

LISTEN AGAIN: HELL YEAH! The Mix Series | George Drive

1 December 2023 4:33PM

Rounding off 2023 Sin & Brook have decided their workload wasn't enough, so have taken it upon themselves to bring a mix series that will fall on every Friday for the remainder of their time on air this year.

Each mix will dive deep into a specific genre, time in raving history or even just a feeling. Get around the latest ones below and prepare for the ones still to come, HELL YEAH!


let sin transport you back to the sweaty warehouse raves of the 90’s.

its late and you’re just getting started. you’ve lost your mates, but its fine 'cos you’ve made new ones. the music is loud & fast, and you feel it in every inch of your body. time seems to stand still as you lose yourself in the movement that surrounds you. it's pure, utter chaos and yet, its the most peace you’ve felt in forever. a true haven for noisemakers, shakers & debauchery generators. you look up at the smoke filled ceiling above you and think “it’s never gonna be better than this.”

Amokk - 666
Synths & Strings - Yomanda
Let Me Show You - Camisra
Up To No Good - Porn Kings
The Launch - DJ Jean
Communication (Yomanda Remix) - Mario Piu
Music Is Moving (BK & dBm Amber Remix) - Cortina
Operation Blade - Public Domain
Blow Ya Mind (Club Caviar Remix) - Lock ‘n’ Load
The Jumper (Mass Medium Remix) - Hammer House
Freed From Desire - Gala


As the name suggests, UKG originated in the United Kingdom in the early 90’s - known for its high hats, snares and cymbals, with  2 step or 4x4 basslines, often lending its style and sound to bassline & grime.

Fast forward to the late 2010s and a resurgence has been bubbling away in the underground. A new wave of producers, bringing a new style and sound to UKG. Swingy drums with chords & subtle basslines, yet still holding onto the 2 step or 4x4 of UKG. Sometimes sounding housey, but what separates it from house is the BPM, ranging from 132-135.

This new sound of UKG, well, it's NUKG.

Oppidan - Circles Bootleg
Conducta, Sammy Virji - Whippet
MPH, Royal T - Compass
Conducta - Lessons (Interplanetary Criminal 'Back 2 Skool' mix)
Diffrent - Live & Direct
Scribe, Savage, David Dallas - Not Many (CARU Remix)
MPH - Overated
Y U QT - Let It Go
EMILIE x Ghost - Way That I Roll
Prozak - Like This (Sharda Remix)
Cotto - Boy Don't Waste My Time