Music pioneer Brian Eno
George Nights
George Nights

An EDM producer made the Windows theme?

This week we explore the influence of Brian Eno on all our childhoods
2 September 2022 4:40PM

Kia Ora, Beiks here, the host of Georgia FM Nights. Welcome to the first instalment of Odd Origins, a series exploring crazy, unusual or odd events in electronic music.

Wouldn't it be odd if the iconic Windows 95 theme tune was made by an electronic producer. Well, the nostalgic sounds of that jingle was created by an absolute legend in the electronic music world, Brian Eno.

A British composer, electronic music producer and a visual artist, he pioneered the ambient music genre.

Enowas approached by Microsoft designers to create music for Windows 95, an opportunity he lapped up because at the time he was in a bit of a creative rut.

The briefing from Microsoft was the usual yarn. The sound had to be inspirational, futuristic and captivating. But what really inspired Eno and actually made him crack up as well, is that they wanted the sound to be precisely three and one quarter seconds long. Being the genius that he is, he thought of the project as creating tiny pieces of jewelry and became so obsessed with it that he made 84 pieces, of which one became the iconic Windows 95 jingle.

And the irony of it all, he actually made the startup jingle on a Mac, because he hates PC!