Drake and Jamie XX
George Nights
George Nights

Drake sampled Jamie XX? Odd Origins with Beiks

Beiks takes a dive into the electronic roots of Drake and Rihanna's 'Take Care'
2 September 2022 4:26PM

Drake and Rihanna's 2011 hit 'Take Care' stormed through the charts, but it wouldn't be there without a little bit of dubstep.

Kia ora, Beiks here from George FM Nights with another Odd Origin. What if I told you an electronic producer influenced Drake and Rihanna's iconic track?

'Take Care' by Drake heavily samples the post-dubstep track I'll Take Care Of You of Jamie XX's remix album 'We're New Here'.

The electronic producer remixed 'I'm New Here,' the 15th and final album of Gil Scott-Heron using only Scott-Heron's vocals and marrying it with XX's original production.

Scott-Heron is regarded as one of the first pioneers of rap music with his work in the seventies that merge soul, jazz and poetry. XX wrote the entire remix album on a tour bus armed with just his laptop, at times having to write handwritten letters to Scott-Heron for vocal clearances because the late musician hated emails.

I find it pretty crazy that an electronic producer is a bridge between the early forms of hip hop and the new school..