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George Nights
George Nights

Track Breakdown: How Sammie made Stolen

Cheeky insight into how Kiwi producer Sammie made her latest track ‘Stolen’.
2 September 2022 5:01PM

Auckland based DJ and producer Sammie breaks down her latest release with Beiks on George Nights.

So the track started with a sound made with a digital synthesizer called TAL Bassline. I liked the sound because it kind of reminds me of the 90s, ravey techno, heavily arpeggiated sounds. From there, I added a kick and bassline and from there added and percussions - all the drums, the hi-hats, shakers, some FX and lastly, added in the vocal and vocal chops.

The vocals were recorded on my iPhone because you're in lockdown and I couldn't get to the studio, so I just recorded them. Did a whole lot of processing on there to make them sound ambient, and interesting. And this is the final product!