Jeff Bezos gives his $500 million superyacht a Māori name
Te Ao Maori
Te Ao Maori

Jeff Bezos gives his $500 million superyacht a Māori name

Unclear if he's popping a manu off it tho...
18 January 2023 8:23AM

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, has given a Māori name to his…superyacht.

The millionaire named his $500 million boat has been titled ‘Koru’ - “new beginnings”. 

Bezos actually secretly announced the Māori name on his Instagram a year ago posting a picture of the native plant.

SOURCE: @jeffbezos on Instagram

In the last of his series of new year pics for 2022, he features the Koru along with the caption: “The new year is also a great time to take stock and focus on personal growth, renewal, rebirth, and paying careful attention to each moment of your life. The good and the bad. All of it. Celebrate and grow.”

It seems that Bezos does appreciate the meaning of the Koru and holds its meaning in high regard, but we're still unsure as to why he chose the name.

The yacht is said to be finished next month and will be joining a group of three sailing yachts over 100m in length.

When Koru is delivered to the Amazon founder in February, the boat will be the highest sailing yacht in the world, beating out the current largest ocean-going passenger ship 'Sea Cloud'.

Surely he celebrates by popping a phat manu off Koru during its first sail!

The design for Koru is based on another one of Bezos' ships, the ‘Black Pearl’ and its triple masts reach a massive 70 meters high. 

The Black Pearl is the largest DynaRig sailing yacht in the world, with three 70 metre-tall carbon masts and was built in 2018. 

It is rumoured the boat will cost Bezos $25 million a year in upkeep and that is beyond ridiculous to even think about…