Up your Te Reo skills with George FM’s daily tips and phrases this Māori Language Week
Te Ao Maori
Te Ao Maori

Up your Te Reo skills with George FM’s daily tips and phrases this Māori Language Week

“Wahs ki runga!”

We're excited to celebrate another edition of Te Wiki o te Reo Māori on George FM!

Listen out for our daily Te Reo Māori Tips premiering each morning on George Breakfast, with handy tips to help you wherever you’re at on your te reo journey. In case you miss it on air, we’ll chuck them up on the George Insta too.

Day one of Te Wiki o te reo M?ori
Te Wiki o te reo M?ori: Cities of Aotearoa
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We’ll also be introducing you to a bunch of fun new kīwaha (phrases) to learn, with our daily on-air Kīwaha o te Rā. You know, like “Wahs ki runga!” (“Up The Wahs!”)

Listen out for our Kupu o te Wiki which runs the whole month, in a special collaboration with the te Aka Whai Ora - check out their great resources for your hinengaro (mind) here. 

If you’re looking to take the next step and go deeper with your te reo knowledge and learning, here are some more sick resources:

Hahana shares a bunch of Te Reo language tips on their social media, as well as cool, crack-up and informative videos about Māori culture. 

Everyday Māori teaches you how to use the language in your everyday life. Created by Hēmi Kelly, there is an ‘Everyday Maori’ podcast that is really useful when it comes to learning Te Reo. 

Taringa Podcast is a podcast that aims “to increase your knowledge of Te Ao Māori (the Māori world)”. It’s in both English and te reo so it’s a mean way to get informed if you’re just starting on your journey. 

Reo Māori is an online hub for all things Te Ao Māori. They have great educational videos that teach Te Reo, tell stories from the Māori community and even have some all-good merch. 

Remember to stay tuned to our socials and listen to George Breakfast on air. Happy learning this Te Wiki o te Reo Māori!