Ghostface Killah threatened to put a hit out on Action Bronson

Vids 21/07/2015

Shit's getting serious.

Ever since Action Bronson came onto the scene his voice and flow has been compared to Wu-Tang Clan legend, Ghostface Killah. Recently Bronson appeared on an ESPN program where he took shots at the situation (See the video below).

"I think it's indifferent at this point. People compare Coke and Pepsi. People compare everything. No matter what, you're going to get a comparison to something. I’m just glad it’s one of the greats," Bronson said, before adding: "He's not rapping like this no more." 

It would appear Ghostface has taken his words to heart, and has replied with the above video.

"You got this little fake a$$ n*gga Action Bronson, running around, sounding like me. But I wanna tell this lil' fat f*ck something," he said. "I gave you a grace period n*gga. I was supposed to have destroyed you a long time ago.". He even went as far as threatening the Queens rapper that he's got "shooters" ready to get the job done.

Bronson took to twitter to apologise.