This horror house makes Spookers look like childsplay

Vids 17/08/2015

Warning the video depicts real encounters from the McKamey Manor. Some scenes are graphic in nature.

McKamey Manor is known as one of the most "extreme" haunted houses in the world. It is so terrifying that some have speculated that the haunt is a form of legal torture and many demanding it shut its doors for good.

Participants must be 21 years or old, undertake physical and mental tests and sign a waiver releasing McKamey Manor from all liability.

In the video you can see people held against their will, hit, punched, bounded and gagged. They are covered with their own blood and some have broken noses, black eyes and have had their teeth pulled. The "experience" can last anywhere from four to six hours but most of the tours are cut short due to medical reasons. You cannot opt out of the experience early, it must only be due to health reasons.

So, who in their right mind would volunteer to participate in such madness? We'll...the waiting list has over 17,000 people it, hoping for the chance to enter and face their worst nightmares. 

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