Naz from The Bachelor stepping into Hilary Barry's shoes

God, imagine a world where this woman fronted your six o'clock news each night.
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After the news broke last night of Jordan dumping the winning bachelorette Fleur, a statement from Jordan has been made.
See the statement below:
Fleur is a remarkable woman. There is no doubt about that. What I have struggled with is interpreting my feelings from the show to the real world.
For the last 7 weeks, Fleur and myself shared concerns and doubts over that time. Hoping that feelings would reignite again.
With contributing factors like distance, media, remaining episodes, secrecy, it made it very difficult.
After a long absence and only seeing her for the first time onstage, I knew something was a miss.
After an exhausting schedule of media commitments and the dust settled. I knew I was being dishonest to Fleur and myself.
It is only fair Fleur is with someone who can give her the best and give her the commitment and love she deserves.
It is a great shame the feelings I had on the show haven’t translated into real life.
I know Fleur will go on to do great things. Her talents and caring nature will put her great position for anything she decides to do. She will always have my full support and I care for her greatly.