DJ duo Hippie Sabotage start riot and attack security at Portland festival

An incident at Oregon's 'What The Festival' has left a bad taste in many mouths.
30 minutes into their set it seems they over did it with the sound system and everything cut. Security moved in to shut down the set as the actions of the duo got out of control.
According to someone close to the situation:
"“So right when they got on, the one with the beard started screaming ‘I DONT GIVE A FUCK’ over and over. The sound guy said something to him about it and he didn’t like it so he got in the sound guys face. They cut his mic after that so they started slamming the mics and jumping in the pool then back on the decks. That’s when security came to pull them off and this ensued.” 
According to witnesses, they cut their microphones and the duo began to throw the mics into a nearby wading pool. Security were prompted to stop them from further damaging the festival’s property. 
Hippie Sabotage’s response to security was that of a drunk punter being kicked from the club at 3am, and they were escorted off the property afterward.
Was it their fault? Should they have reacted differently? Let us know after watching the video above.