Watching this guy try to park his porsche is the most painful thing ever

Vids 24/06/2016
Video of one of the worst parking jobs in human history has helped police nab a teenage driver suspected in a Vancouver hit and run accident.
On June 16, Vancouver police were called to an accident on West 36th Avenue, between Granville and Oak Streets.
VPD spokesperson Const. Brian Montague says a white Porsche Cayenne SUV had struck a parked vehicle and fled the scene.
“We didn’t have a whole lot to go on in the hit-and-run investigation … but a few days later we received a video which really helped us connect the dots,” he said.
Montague says if the teen had stayed at the scene he likely would have just been given a $276 ticket for driving without a licence. 
“Because he didn’t stick around, he ended up being charged with a host of motor vehicle infractions including having no licence, hit and run, and driving without due care.” he said. “He also completely ruined that garage and did additional damage to the vehicle. Whether insurance will cover any of that is highly doubtful.”