This 76 year old woman's rap mixtape about jesus is pure fire!

Music 01/08/2016
This 74 year-old woman decided to create a mixtape of hip-hop Gospel music and it actually turned out to be hilariously awesome.
I mean i'm sure it would have been as equally hilarious if the project had fallen flat on its face, but there's something kinda heartwarming that she kind of pulls it off.
Twitter user @Keith_The God was given the mixtape by Lyrical Lively and proceeded to put it in his car stereo like any sane person would, because good or bad, this needs to be heard right?
What came off the stereo surprised him so much that he instantly went to post a video of it, and then got her contact details and texted her his praise (no pun intended) straight away. 
Obviously it went viral and now the rest is history... Even Questlove from the roots is losing his shit over this...