Smash Hifi's Leeroy (ex prodigy) talks to Jay Bulletproof

Smash Hifi is the story of Leeroy Thornhill and Marten Horger, two friends doing what they love the most: making music!

The story gets interesting when you hear who these guys actually are.

Leeroy spent ten years of his life as part of the most influential electronic band in the world: The Prodigy!

After leaving the band to focus on his solo career and various musical projects, he started to look for a new exciting and fresh sound and again started to travel the world, but this time as a DJ.

Marten, a multi award-winning DJ and producer who, just like Leeroy, had been recording for various projects, travelling the world with his record bag. 

One night in a dark, sweaty, underground club in a small village in Germany, the guys were DJing alongside each other and found their common love for everything fat, wild and most important: unique. 

In the following years they became well known to bring that exact attitude to clubs and festivals across Europe, pumping out genre jumping DJ Sets as Smash Hifi.

Since relocating to Stuttgart, Germany, the guys have been locked away in the studio, turning their personal vision of sound into their first full length album: Order More Disorder. 

A record that combines both Leeroy‘s and Marten‘s musical past and future, somewhere between sweaty underground clubs and glossy radio stations. 

Check out their new single, we can't get enough of below: