Watch Peking Duk and Benny Boy smash 9 ridiculously hot sauces then trip f*cking balls

If you've ever watched an episode of Hot Ones with Sean Evans (one of the greatest interviewers of all time. Up there with Nuardwar.) you'll know exactly what this is about... 

If you haven't, it's very easy to understand. Evans gets comedians, musicians and actors to eat ten chicken wings smothered in ten different hot sauces that go up in hot sauce heat with each wing.

We decided this was such a bloody beautiful way to interview someone and knew that Peking Duk, the loose units that they are, would be up for the challenge. 

We've posted the full interview in all it's hot sauce glory, but if you want to get straight to the point when the hot sauce takes over all sensical conversation you can skip to about 19 mins in. 

We literally sprung this idea on the boys at 8am yesterday morning (after we got them to shotgun two VBs in a game Benny Boy likes to call Leaking Duk).

Benny Boy gave Evans a good run for his money and conveniently has a genuine love for hot sauce. 

Boy & Bird were right GCs, going into work early and cooking us up a chicken wing storm just so we could serve the boys with 30 of the finest chicken wings in all the land.

We sourced a bunch of different hot sauces. Admittedly only nine. One shy of Sean Evans Hot Ones challenge, but we decided sweet chilli just could not cut the mustard (or hot sauce so to speak). 

We even found a number of Kiwi specials for the boys to try, including one crazy number called the Bhuty Black Tanipha and the infamous Hell Pizza Roulette sauce. 

The Hell pizza guy told us two tiny drops could ruin a whole pizza. We let Benny Boy and Peking Duk take three. Each. Cruel? A little. Entertaining? Fuck yeah. 

If you've never seen Hot Ones before, check out the Action Bronson episode here or YouTube that shit.