Who's got the juice? Ft. Johnny Danger, Kings, Died in 69 and Hooligang

Audio 02/11/2016
Jay Bulletproof had a massive line-up in his Who's got the Juice segment yesterday on George FM Nights. 
If you're not sure what Who's got the Juice is; Jay battles it out each week on air with a number of other talented DJs and producers. Each competitor selects a song, the listeners text in who they think dropped the juiciest track and whoever gets the most texts is declared the supreme winner/they've got the juice.
It gets loose af. 

Last night, Kings dropped his new single You Can't Sit With Us .

DIED in '69 brought the juice with their new track Route 66which has also been George FM Nights track of the week for two weeks running now, it's that good. 

Hooligang visited the George FM studios for the first time. They make straight fire themselves but missed the shameless self-promotion memo, so lit the studio up with the new track from Tory Lanez, callled Meek Mill instead. 

Jay Bulletproof played his own track ft. Kings, making it a double-whammy for the main man Kings.
And lucky last - not that he needed much luck - Johnny Danger whipped out throwback Danger (been so long) by Mystikal. 

See what he was going for there.