Post Malone drops new album "Stoney" and tries to promo it through the Hot Ones wings challenge

Music 12/12/2016
In an effort to promo his freshly dropped album Stoney,  Post Malone takes on the Hot Ones challenge with Sean Evans and becomes at least... three points more likable. And we already fucking loved him. Shit, he's good.

They cover getting mistaken as a homeless person and Malone using the "Hey, I open for Justin Bieber, let me in," line.

His fashion game - the guys been wearing suits since he was in middle school and got gum thrown into his hair from school bullies because of it. 

"I was an individual, and people don't like that, people don't like when you do against the norm."

When the internet freaks out everytime he posts a cute animal gram.  

And he redefines the word "sauce." 

On top of some top notch banter and some ridiculously hot wings. 

Check out Stoney on Spotify now. And don't miss Post Malone opening for Diplo March 9th at the Logan Campbell Centre.