Sex shop workers fight armed robber with hefty dildos

Vids 19/12/2016
When someone pulls a weapon on you and tries to rob you for everything you’ve got, maybe you’re the type to flight… or the type to fight.

For those fighters out there, the baseball bat has been a good friend to you, reliable, threatening, helps you sleep at night.

But what happens when you’re looking down the barrel of a burglar's gun and you’ve got nothing to defend yourself bar an abundance of heavy duty dildos?

Well, staff at a Californian Sex Shop know a sizeable dildo can do some damage. After a burglar entered their store with a firearm and tried to hold the store up, the two woman working behind the counter defended themselves by hurtling hefty silicone members at the hoodlum.

“They come in handy I’m telling you,” explains one of the store workers on dildos.

“They do got some weight on ‘em,” adds the other. 

The would-be robber ended up leaving empty handed. 

And there you thought your girlfriend's dildo was just her dirty guy for nights without you. Turns out her silicone soldier can provide much more than a good time. He's also there to protect her and ward off enemies. 

Now you've got some competition budge.