Benny Boy's five tips to fit in at Soundsplash

Benny Boy 24/01/2017

This was Benny Boy's very first Soundsplash experience. When he arrived in Raglan he could feel the change of tempo in the wind. 

After aligning his shakras, he asked us to address him as Tree Sap for the remainder of the weekend...

Soundsplash turned out to be a rad festival, filled with good vibes, good music and lots of flower power kids and skunky monkeys wandering around in wide legged pants.

Plus it had fun features like compost toilets, Raglan-made tye-dye shirt stands and compostable packaging.

Soundsplash. A festival that cares just as much about the Earth as it does the music.

Over the course of the weekend, Benny Boy embraced his inner hippie. Now he is here to help you embrace yours.

If you missed out on Soundsplash this year, watch Benny Boy's five tips to fit in at Soundsplash, and we'll catch up over some kombucha and a hackey sack circle next year.